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find your confidence and joy through yoga

fun, friendly & accessible yoga classes
Online & in Bicester, 

Hi! I'm Jade!

I'm here to help you experience yoga that feels great & boosts your confidence (& you don't need to tie yourself in knots for)

Yoga should be an empowering, inspiring, enjoyable experience where you can tailor your practice to you.

So often yoga can feel inaccessible with Sanskrit language that isn't explained properly, no options for poses that mean you end up feeling less than, the teacher can't (or won't) adapt the practice to your unique body or explain what you're meant to be doing. All this can mean you leave feeling rubbish, unsupported and that yoga isn't for you. 


That's just not good enough - there is a better way. Which is why I started Pride Yoga.


I aim to show you that if you want to practice yoga - you can! It's all about trying things, wobbling, having a laugh along the way whilst learning the why behind poses and different ways of working with your body; not against it.



Do what you can, meet yourself where you are each day, forget about the stuff you can't do.


Yoga is not about being flexible,​ standing on your head or any of those myths. It's a suite of practices & tools to support your overall wellbeing for the rest of your life. 

I started my practice after living with back pain for over 10 years after a childhood injury. I had no confidence, I was in pain every day. I didn't think I could practice yoga. Movement & yoga helped transform my life. Now, I share this with every day people like you, helping them feel great both physically & mentally. 


I specialise in teaching accessible, inclusive yoga, simply meaning I encourage choice, exploration, offering lots of ways to do everything so everyone can participate - no matter your bendiness, yoga confidence or experience. 


There's so many ways to enjoy yoga from traditional group classes with like-minded friendly people, to in depth 1:1 support, in your workplace or in workshops. This is yoga, for you and your lifestyle!

group classes

A range of fun classes for you wherever you are in your yoga journey live in person in Bicester, Oxfordshire or online wherever you are.

1:1 Private studio

Join me at my Private Studio outside Bicester for bespoke 1:1/1:2 classes perfect for people who want deeper support, build their confidence or to practice at a different time of day.

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workplace yoga & wellbeing

Are your employees stressed, and glued to their desks all day? 

Why not support their wellbeing with yoga, meditation & mindfulness?

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what people say about Pride yoga


You are my inspiration to try as much as I can and I thank you for that


Makes a refreshing change to have a yoga teacher who isn't trying to be the next Buddha of Suburbia


Jade is a great, really inclusive teacher. She's not a "typical yoga teacher" and makes everyone feel comfortable. I highly recommend Jade's classes.


I've finally found a yoga class I really enjoy and am seeing progress in


Jade's teaching is great - she encourages people to try without making anyone feel silly.

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Friendly, fun coaching to help you from confused to confident in your business 

Get in Touch

Got a question?  Not sure about something? Want to chat before you book? No worries!

Fill in the form below, ask away and I'll come back to you within 2 working days!

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