Welcome to Pride Yoga! 

I'm a big believer that yoga is for absolutely everyone. Yoga should be fun, joyful and build confidence as well as be easy to access and understand. 

My pet peeve is the stereotypes of yoga - gymnastic women, chanting, fluffy waffle that is abstract. These are the things perpetuated time and time again across the internet and they make people think things like.... 

"Yoga isn't for me - I'm not bendy"

"I can't touch my toes so I can't do yoga"

and so on - when that couldn't be further from the truth.

My brand of yoga challenges all of this rubbish by making classes accessible and offering loads of options. I simply make yoga fun, easy to enjoy and take part in without being intimidated.


I love to have a laugh, fall over, trip over my words - it's real life yoga taught without the gymnastic, hyper-flexible BS you sometimes find so everyone can join in. 

All my classes are suitable for all levels from beginner to long time yogis and I offer loads of ways to adapt every pose so you get what you want from your practice.

I first started practicing yoga in my early twenties.

I was at my absolute wits end - I'd hurt my back falling off a gym rope as a child and actually knocked my pelvis out of alignment. Even into my early twenties I had pain if I stood, sat or walked for too long so was classed as having chronic pain.

I got so frustrated with it and I was living in Milton Keynes and Sweat Studios (who I now teach for - mad, eh?) opened up their Hot yoga studio in town. I went to the first ever class and I've never looked back. My pain was gone in a matter of weeks, I felt less stressed.

Years later, Sweat started training their own teachers and I just thought "I'd love to do that". I was travelling Europe at the time in my Automotive PR job so couldn't commit. And I was gutted.

After a change in circumstances, I signed up for the second intake of teacher training at Sweat with the intention of doing something for myself... and ended up setting up Pride Yoga - taking it full-time in May 2019.


200 Hour Hot & Hatha Yoga - Yoga University & Sweat Studios

Yoga Alliance Professionals

20 Hour Vinyasa Yoga - Yoga University

Yoga Alliance Professionals

Applied Anatomy & Working with Injured Students Workshops - Dr Yogi (Andrew McGonigle)

Yoga Alliance

Hatha Flow & Yin Teacher Workshops - Sweat Studios

20 Hour Inclusive Yoga - Yoga Quota

Yoga Alliance

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