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about jade &
pride yoga

I first started practicing yoga in my early twenties after a decade of chronic back pain from a childhood injury. I had pain every day if I stood, sat or walked for too long and I was fed up. I had very little confidence, I was unfit and I wasn't well. 

At my wits end, I went to a yoga studio and I haven't ever looked back - I felt much better very quickly and was suddenly pain-free for the first time in years.

I fell deeper into yoga, learning and experiencing the magic beyond the poses, I felt less stressed, lighter, I was curious. It was like coming home to myself and finding out who I really am. 

After a few years of practice and a turbulent time in my PR career, I signed up for my Teacher Training and graduated in 2018; set up Pride Yoga and have been teaching ever since. I absolutely love teaching and sharing a modern, person-led style of practice so everyone can benefit from yoga.


I class myself as a Yoga Educator rather than a teacher. Why? Because I try and share information, discuss and debate with the students I work with, beyond a 60 min physical class. I also work to educate about yoga industry issues and carry out activism work with the Yoga Teachers Union. 

I'm also a Yoga Business Coach, using my PR & Marketing background to help other teachers in their businesses and an Author with my first book, The Online Yoga Teacher's Guide, coming out in June 2022.

the pride yoga ethos

I'm a big believer that yoga is for absolutely everyone who wants to give it a go.


Yoga should be fun, joyful and build confidence as well as be easy to access and understand. 

My pet peeve is the stereotypes of yoga - gymnastic women, that chanting is essential in every class all the time, fluffy waffle that is abstract that makes no sense. These are the things perpetuated time and time again across the internet and they make people think things like.... 

"Yoga isn't for me - I'm not bendy"

"I can't touch my toes so I can't do yoga"

Which is such a shame. Pride Yoga challenges this rubbish by offering accessible and inclusive yoga. 

All my classes offer choice, exploration and options for all bodies and aim to make yoga fun, easy to enjoy and take part in without being intimidated. You'll find a warm, welcoming environment with lots of laughter and encouragement.


I love to have a laugh, fall over, trip over my words - it's real life yoga taught without the gymnastic, hyper-flexible BS you sometimes find so everyone can join in. 

All my classes are suitable for all levels from beginner to long time yogis and I offer loads of ways to adapt every pose so you get what you want from your practice.

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get to know ME


Any beach - any day with the opportunity to go to the beach and get in the sea is a great day - or anywhere I can go for a good walk. I particularly enjoy Ivinghoe Beacon, or the Cornish Coastal Path. 


Tofu Tikka Masala or any curry - my constitution is pretty much 50% curry. Not really food, but I'm also fond of umpteen mugs of Earl Grey (Twinings!) with Oat Milk.


2 cats - Socks & Fudge and Layla, a working cocker spaniel


I play the Violin, walking, travel & I'm a mean cook (vegan & gluten free means I make pretty much everything from scratch!) I'm also learning to Surf and Skateboard at the moment, which is a slow process! I'm really in to Bouldering also which is proving to be a great complement to yoga. Basically, I love learning new things, studying and reading. 


"f**k it, what's the worst that could happen?" or "you can't pour from an empty cup"


Downdog, Wild Thing or Stonehenge Savasana


I don't teach anything I don't love - so I'd say science-based yoga with a smattering of neurology in an adaptable, accessible flow/hatha flow/ yin practice. 

My practice is a bit of an abstract mix (quite like what I teach!). I tend to practice a lot of somatics and drill based stuff peppered in to creative flow for an active practice and a lot of restorative and yin too. 

teaching qualifications

Here's a complete list of all my trainings, qualifications and learning over the years.

It's really important that you ask questions and choose a yoga teacher who is properly qualified with at least a 200hr training specifically in yoga. ​Unfortunately, there are people operating yoga classes in the area who do not have this qualification.

Anything less just isn't sufficient to keep you safe in your practice, and professional yoga teachers are required to carry out CPD like any other bodywork profession.

Yoga is a self regulated profession, meaning that ANYONE can call themselves a yoga teacher, never having stepped on a mat in their life. This is why it is so important to ask, and check your teacher is qualified - there are teachers out there who are not. You wouldn't let a quack do surgery on you.. so don't let someone mess with your body and mind who doesn't know what they're doing.

If you'd like to know more, get in touch


200 Hour Hot & Hatha Yoga - Yoga University & Sweat Studios

Yoga Alliance Professionals, June 2018

20 Hour Vinyasa Yoga - Yoga University

Yoga Alliance Professionals, October 2018

20 Hour Inclusive Yoga - Yoga Quota (Now Nourish Yoga Training)

Yoga Alliance, September 2019

Neurofundamentals - ZHealth

May 2020

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - Nourish Yoga Training

In Progress 2020


Applied Anatomy & Working with Injured Students Workshops - Dr Yogi (Andrew McGonigle), Yoga Alliance, May 2019

Hatha Flow & Yin Teacher Workshops - Sweat Studios 2019

Making Yoga Accessible Workshops - Alexandria Crow, Triyoga London

November 2020

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