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The "am I doing
this right?"

A 2 hour workshop deep dive into key yoga asana - breaking down poses, learning all the intricacies, tips and tricks so you come away feeling confident in your practice and poses, followed by some lovely cake & tea!

what am I going to learn? 

This session is super interactive with 1:1 support where we can really dive much deeper than we can in a regular class, in a smaller setting.


This workshop offers students huge scope for breakthroughs, confidence boosts and opportunity to pick my brains so you come away with stacks of extra knowledge and confidence in your practice and answer that "Am I doing this right?" question once and for all. 


  • An overview of 6 key asana (pose) & 2 common transitions - what each asana is and its intention, the role of the cues I give, what happens in our body in that shape and the key actions to get us there

  • The role of unique anatomy in our asana practice

  • Common errors in form that mean we aren't aligned with the intention of the asana

  • Trial variations of each pose through drills and with props

  • Tips and tricks to find a variation that feels great in your body - and aligns with the intention behind that asana too

  • 1:1 support from Jade to assess and find the right version and choices for your body

The Asana we will cover this time:

  • Downward Facing Dog

  • Plank & Plank to Floor

  • Balancing Stick/Warrior 3

  • High Lunge

  • Warrior 2

  • Transitioning between High Lunge & Warrior 2

  • Seated Forward Fold

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what to expect

Arrivals:           10:20 onwards

10:30-12:00:    90 minute interactive workshop stats

12:00:              Workshop finishes

12:00-12:30:    Tea, coffee and cake, time for extra questions and support then departures at leisure

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