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Brand Design & Strategy

that extra sprinkle on top that helps you connect with your students & drop up to 23% on your bottom line... magic eh?

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yes, even yoga teachers need a visual brand! 

Brands aren't tangible things; they're really hard to get right. So it's the last thing you think about and chuck some rough stuff together and hope it lands. 

Many yoga teachers absolutely overlook their brand and the huge power great branding has. 


Visuals that don't match the vibe, are at odds with your personality, your website and socials looking totally different, generic black and white or the typical figure sat in lotus with lotus flower logo aren't doing you any favours. They're hurting you getting to where you want to be.


Potential students don't know who you are or what you do, think all yoga is the same, give up and miss out on yoga with you because of all of the above. 

When branding is spot on, authentic and aligned it can help you become up to 80% more recognisable and drop up to an extra 23% income in your pocket - without making any other changes. 

That is the power of authentic branding.


your brand captures the essence of what you do, how, for who and your vibe as a teacher.

Great branding builds connection, relationships and communicates the hard to convey visually.

strategy is at the heart of it and a thrown together canva logo doesn't cut the mustard,

get your dream branding in 5 easy steps:

Let's chat!

Book a consultation with me! Let's chat about your needs, what you're looking for with your brand and you can ask any questions.

brand questionnaire

Once you're signed up and a deposit is paid, you'll get to complete a Brand Questionnaire - an in depth look at your brand, your yoga and who your students are.

Strategy Call & moodboard

We'll spend an hour taking your Brand Questionnaire and shaping that into a clear brand position, with an underlying strategy that the visuals can be built off. You'll then receive a Moodboard to sign off.


I'll go away and create 1-3 brand options that are aligned with what you do, and bring that to life visually. We have 2 rounds of feedback to polish and get everything ready to handover.

HANdover to you!

Once your branding is signed off, we schedule another call where I walk you through your new branding - how to use everything and give you a Brand Guide document to help you on your way!

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All the details!

  • Branding Review

  • Positioning questionnaire

  • 2 x 60 min calls

    • Call 1: Niche, Ideal Student Group, Positioning Statement - Making sure we’re clear on what you do, who for and how

    • Call 2: Brand Review & Application Handover - How to deploy your brand for best impact

  • Brand Moodboard

  • Logos (if needed)

  • Social Templates

  • Copyright Transfer 

  • Brand Application & Usage Guidelines - A document to help you talk about and showcase your brand in a consistent, cohesive way

  • 2 weeks email follow up, review & support after we finish working together​

what is included?


when can you start?

I only work on one Brand Project at a time so you get my best creativity & energy. This means my spaces go quickly! 

Current Availability:

1 x March-April

1 x June-July

1 x September-October

how do I book??

Please book a Consultation Call with me and we can have a chat, see if we're a good fit for each other and if timelines align. 

If it does, great - I'll offer you a slot, book you in and that'll be secured with a deposit. 

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recent projects

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Daleen Yoga FINAL FILES-07.png
Untitled design-58.png

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Yoga Court Concept 3 (1)-08.png
Yoga Court Blur Backgrounds-04.png
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brand strategy & design
for Yoga Court

brand strategy, design & website for Ali

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