Branding & Design Consultancy without all the fluff

Thought great quality branding & design was totally out of reach?

Think again.

Pride Branding & Design has your back.

Providing both branding & design in one place, at affordable transparent prices.


I'm Jade; the Yoga Teacher behind Pride Yoga.


I am always asked about my branding, design, website - who did it, and where my ideas come from - I do all my own work and always have done!

My background prior to Yoga is over 10 years in branding, marketing & PR gathered across the Automotive Industry from award-winning roles in international household-name brands; to smaller independent not-for-profits.

I'm now offering my big-brand experience to Yoga Teachers, Health & Wellbeing professionals - making affordable branding & design a fluff-free reality.



  • Brand & Corporate Identity (your image) - How to show the world and your students who you are and what you stand for.

    • Business Name (if you don't have one already!)

    • Logo

    • Colours

    • Fonts

    • Tone of voice advice

  • Social Handle advice

  • Copy writing - The words you use to describe what you do

  • Branding guidelines - How to apply your identity across everything you do; and a summary of your Brand Identity - how to look & feel consistent across everything you do.


  • Business Cards

  • Flyers

  • Leaflets

  • Posters

  • Loyalty/ class pass cards

  • Brochures for courses, private tuition, corporate yoga

  • Social media creative

  • Outdoor branding - banners, pull-up banners

  • Advice on print specifications - appropriate stock (paper quality to use), finishes and where to best spend budget to ensure the best return on a small budget


Big Jobs

Big Jobs are just that - larger scale things, with multiple elements of work required.


Maybe you're starting out and need everything doing from what you're calling yourself, what colours and fonts are appropriate, how to talk about what you do, all the way to logos, multiple pieces of design work.


The full works.

I believe that branding & design should be affordable.

There's no way as a yoga teacher or wellbeing business owner you have the kind of money to spend hundreds of pounds on branding with one professional and the same again on a designer to bring it to life. That very quickly becomes thousands.

The rates below are my hourly & day rates; not per job.


Depending on your requirements, it may need an hour or two to a couple of days to finish your brief to satisfaction.


Like yoga classes, no two projects are the same.


Do get in touch for a quote based on your individual needs.

Small Jobs

Small Jobs are things like a flyer, poster, business cards etc. 


You have your copy, as well as logo file in high resolution, and some colours you use for your business ready to print.


You just need it bringing to life in one single piece of work.


Like what you see?

Here's how it works from here!

  • Get in touch - let me know what you need help with, timescales and as much info as possible.

  • I'll send you back a Briefing Document - designed to help me understand you and your business, and what you need. You fill it in and send it back to me. If needed we can even hop on Skype/Hangout and chat it through.

  • I provide you a quote; you approve and pay a deposit (amount based on quote)

  • I get cracking on bringing it all to life for you!

  • Once signed off, final designs are sent over in the appropriate format with a guide to printing!

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