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Jade Beckett, yoga business coach, yoga mentor, yoga business coach, yoga business coaching, yoga mentorship, yoga business workshop

CONFIDENCe building business coaching

taking you from confusion and overwhelm to clarity so you can build and grow your yoga business, in an authentic way.

Hi, I'm Jade!

I know first hand how hard it is to build a yoga business.


It isn't easy to know what to do, where to start or how to grow. You're spinning all the plates trying to learn marketing, basic business skills, be a web developer and the Yoga Teacher.

You need a marketing plan and strategies that are easy to understand, keep on top of and implement. You need systems to take the load off so you can be the expert teacher you are, as well as support on the tougher days. 

I'm here to work with you as your Yoga Business Coach - supporting you with practical, actionable ways to build your own successful yoga business on your own terms.

Pre-yoga, I spent 12+ award-winning years in Automotive PR and marketing for household name car brands like Fiat, Bentley, Suzuki, Silverstone Circuits. I've been running my own Yoga business, Pride Yoga, for the past 4 years too. 


Now I use my expertise to coach and mentor other yoga teachers and my first book, The Online Yoga Teacher's Guide, will be released in 2022.

yoga business coach, yoga mentor, yoga mentoring, yoga business support, yoga business coaching



I've been working with Jade for a while and she's just brilliant. So knowledgeable, getting me to question WHY I'm doing what I'm doing and knowing my worth as a teacher. Jade has massively helped me with my confidence, planning, marketing and branding!


Jade's action plans are great to have to remind me what we discussed and how I can move my business forwards.

I'm really excited to be working with Jade!


Thank you for great session, Jade.


I do feel that you’re helping me no end in developing a brand and with your knowledge and expertise, I will be successful in my yoga and wellbeing business. 

working with me

workshops & courses

Group Workshops & courses at affordable price points to help you gain valuable know-how to use in your own business so you can grow and thrive your own way.

Workshops & courses include practical activities, worksheets or books and are interactive with Q&As.


Marketing For Yoga Teachers Course

1:1 Coaching

A range of dedicated support for your individual business.

The beauty of 1:1 coaching is having my bespoke expertise and eyes on your business - working with you to develop the great work you're doing already. 

There's a range of options available from Ad-hoc sessions, sessions for specific needs and Intensive Packages over longer lengths of time.

the online yoga teacher's guide

The Online Yoga Teacher's Guide is my first business book designed to help yoga teachers build a thriving business online. 

Teaching yoga online can help you to grow your business, help more students, while also allowing you to work more flexibly to suit your lifestyle. However, it can be daunting trying to incorporate a style of teaching that you've otherwise never had to engage with.

There's a few different ways to work with me as your Business Coach - from 1:1 coaching just for you to Group Workshops & Courses plus my Book and shop (coming soon!) there's something for all price points.

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