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Fun, JOYful & CONFIDENCe building yoga classes in Bicester

This isn't your stereotypical yoga class. Yoga classes with Jade are accessible, inclusive and allow you to move in a way that feels good for you and have a bit of fun along the way. 

There's a class for you no matter if it is your first time stepping on a yoga mat or you're an old hand - you'll find something you love here!

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The ethos at Pride Yoga is that yoga is for everyone as an individual. You won't find prescriptive yoga here, I encourage a practice based on your agency and learning to practice in a way that feels good in your skin; as well as learning to critique your yoga practice so you have a deep​ understanding of what works best for you and why. 

  • I teach in simple, easy to understand language - technical terms are clearly explained and I teach in English and always explain any Sanskrit that is used

  • Philosophy teachings are explained and taught in an easy to follow way that is relevant to today's world

  • I don't chant in class. That's a specific discipline and type of yoga in its own right, and it's not my specialism. I do teach asana (poses), meditation and pranayama (breath work) within my classes

  • I don't offer hands-on adjustments without consent - I will always offer choice and active opt-in for adjustments

  • Any adjustments will be supportive, and not forceful

  • I don't teach headstands, arm balances or other poses in these categories unless otherwise stated - in a workshop or in Flowing Yoga 101 on specific months. Even then, these poses are optional, and taught in stages.

  • Options and variations are offered for all poses in each class

  • I encourage you to exercise choice - take options that work for you

  • I'll never call you out for taking a break or different pose to what is offered in class

  • Mini workshops and movement breakdowns in class so you learn why we do what we do, and why certain choices might work better for you than a traditional alignment choice. 



I really enjoy being in Jade's company - she has a lovely charming way of teaching.


I really enjoy my classes with Jade. I am learning to appreciate yoga is a journey.


Jade's classes are great fun and always give me lots to work on


I always feel really comfortable in Jade's classes. I can ask questions and I never feel silly for asking or not being able to do things.


Jade is an excellent teacher and the classes are set at a level that work you and teach all kinds of yoga. Thoroughly recommend.

class styles

There's a variety of different classes on the timetable on a weekly basis to choose from. 

Classes are Asana (posture based), and include some breath (pranayama) practices, and some classes include meditation too. 

If you are working with an injury, my usual process is to recommend a 1:1 initially - this is so I can ensure you are comfortable with variations of poses, build your confidence and get the most from your yoga.

Basic mobility is essential for all group classes - think things like being able to get on and off the floor unaided, bear weight on hands and feet, put arms out to side and overhead. If you don't have this right now, don't stress - I can see you 1:1 initially and teach you some alternative options before you join a group class and you can go with your own flow within the group setting. 

Yoga 101 classes are Hatha/hatha flow -this just means we move and breathe, come back to a reset posture and continue or link a few postures together and reset. Perfect for beginners & those who want a to move in a supportive way. 

Flowing Yoga 101 is similar to Yoga 101 but is faster and more flowing. This class includes part and full sun salutations, and is more dynamic. Some more technical and challenging poses are included in this class (headstand prep, hand balances occasionally); but there is no obligation to do these, like any other class. This is for people with prior yoga experience or adventurous beginners who are already used to moving their body. 

Stretch & Rest is a relaxing class, with a few floor based poses using cushions and blankets to release deeply into tight muscles, releasing tension both mental and physical. We finish this class each week with a short meditation practice and some breath work.

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When & where?

There's a range of ways to join classes both in person and online. 

I offer a range of different specialist workshops throughout the year to help you delve deeper or introduce you to new kinds of yoga practices - each workshop has it's own page under the CLASSES menu.

In person group classes currently take place in Ambrosden (5 mins outside Bicester).


I also offer 1:1/1:2 private classes at my Private Studio, outside Bicester by arrangement or private group classes in local halls, also by arrangement. 

There's two ways to practice online:

  • Live interactive streamed classes for you to join from home 

  • On Demand classes are available whenever you like via the Pride Pack Yoga Membership

fancy a chat?

I understand that starting a yoga practice can feel a bit daunting and overwhelming. 


I remember what it was like going into my first yoga class with severe back pain about 10 years ago. Sometimes you need to have a chat to put your mind at ease, and know you've understood why things are and aren't recommended. The image of yoga out there in the world, is far away from the reality of having a yoga practice - it's a lot deeper than the poses (asana) we practice on our mats. 

Yoga can feel like stepping into another world and it can be tricky to know where you are and what the right option for you is. 

I recommend checking out the Which Class is Right For Me? page - I've tried to be as clear as possible here and explain in detail what class is for who, why and what sort of things we work with.

I offer 15 min Yoga Consultations too! Bring a brew, we chat about where you are so you get a feel for the Pride Yoga vibe, we can discuss options, I'll answer your questions and get you started on your yoga journey with confidence.  

There's a £5 deposit to book a Consultation. Don't worry though - Turn up to the Call, and you get it back as a voucher which you can redeem against your first class with me.

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