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Fancy coming to join me but struggling to get over that final hurdle? 

This is for you!

I see you thinking about coming to class, then getting cold feet at the last second and not booking in...Maybe you're worrying about what it'll be like:

If you'll get asked to pretzel yourself

If everyone else will be wayyy better at it than you

If you'll feel silly

(newsflash none of those things will happen, I promise!)

I get it, coming and starting something new as an adult can be confronting!


What you need is information. Information is very much power, and in this case gives you the confidence to get started, and puts you at ease before you set your foot through the door and starting to practice yoga and transform your mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

This information session is the place to put all your worries to rest! I'll deliver a little overview of yoga with me, the different classes, address common worries and then allow you to stick me in the hot seat and I'll answer all your questions!

thursday 15th September
6:00-6:45 PM | FREE

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