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Learn the marketing & branding skills essential to confidently build or grow your own thriving yoga & wellbeing business your way.

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what's included: 

in this course I share all my marketing & branding know-how


You started your yoga business because you love sharing yoga with people - but you're finding marketing regularly and consistently a total headache, feeling stuck on the hamster wheel trying to find students, and want to find a way forward that feels authentic, ick-free and isn’t going to burn you out. 

Sound about right?

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who is this course for?

I've got your back!

The Marketing For Yoga Teachers Course covers all the marketing & branding skills essential to confidently build then grow your own thriving yoga & wellbeing business, on your own terms.




  • You’ve got a strategy for marketing your offerings regularly that feels aligned, and that allows you to launch and sell-out your next big ticket workshop or retreat 

  • Your branding is knock-out and it is regularly the thing that students say convinced them to come to you

  • You can charge higher fees for packages and memberships because your ideal students see the huge value in what you do

  • You know who your ideal students are and how to attract them into your business regularly 

  • Creating content for your website & socials is a joy, not a chore

  • You feel so in the flow with what you’re doing that comparing yourself isn’t a thing you waste energy on anymore 

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I'm here to help!

You deserve to get the absolute best impact from your energy and efforts you pour into your yoga business. 

Let's say goodbye to the times of scraping by, and let's start building our own thriving businesses that feel great to own, allow us to help people and support ourselves.

I'll help you learn how to do just that. 

I've spent over 12 award winning years working internationally in marketing & PR in the car industry; selling millions of pounds of F1 tickets, cars and memberships. Now, I use all that knowledge and experience every day in my own yoga business and help other yoga business THRIVE! 


over four weeks, we will cover...

module 1
the foundations

Get to grips with what makes your classes unique, the people who will love what you do and the offerings that they would love to buy.

It’s time to get that clarity, confidence and knowing your zone of absolute genius!

  • Your strengths & unique view

  • Your ideal students

  • Your Niche

  • Your Positioning & making that into a statement

  • Finalising aligned offerings 

  • The comparison trap & managing your mindset

module 2
building your brand

Build a brand that is based on your strong foundations that is consistent and easy for you to use, feels totally aligned and authentic to you… not some yoga cliche that makes you blend into the background. 

Give that yoga brand a glow up and make your choices with confidence!

  • Taking your foundations into a visual brand

  • Why visuals matter

  • Consistency across all your assets

  • Colour & font choice

  • Your tone of voice

  • Your imagery

  • Building your asset bank

module 3
marketing & planning 101

The technical side of marketing and the actual HOW behind taking our ideal students on a journey that develops know, like and trust - and purchase. 

It's all about equipping you with a strategic toolkit for reaching your ideal students!

  • Customer journey design - how you take them from interest to purchase

  • Setting and measuring your marketing goals

  • What does good look like

  • Channel & tactic choice 

  • Building a marketing plan 

  • The difference between ongoing marketing and launches

module 4
creative marketing & content 101

This is where we bring our branding to life, get creative and start getting out there and in front of our ideal students! 

Learn the how behind creating content that is unique, on brand and doesn't take you all day. 


  • Making content that delivers on your marketing goals

  • Planning & batching your content

  • Templates

  • Timesaving tips, tools and techniques

  • The world of social media & best practice 

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you'll come away with:

Clarity on who your ideal student is and how to reach them

Confidence in marketing your business

The know-how to develop a marketing strategy that works

An actionable plan

An authentic connection with what you do

The ability to articulate confidently who you are and what you do to your ideal students

this is for you if...

You are totally ready to feel reinvigorated and confident with where you are going in your business. 

You're ready to put the work in, invest a little bit of time and funds, embrace some systems and lighten your load. 

Find marketing and creating content for your brand an utter joy, not a chore.

Design an ethical and equitable strategy that feels great and isn't going to make you sell out.

this ISN'T FOR YOU IF...

You want me to wave a magic wand and fix it for you - there's no shortcuts to doing the work!

You want me to tell you exactly what to do. That's not gonna happen - everyone's business and vision is different and it's not a prescription. (If you want bespoke recommendations check out my 1:1 packages)

You don't want to make a change, learn best practice and invest some time and energy into setting up workflows, automations and templates.

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You're In? AWESOME!

This round of the Marketing For Yoga Teachers Course is available at a launch price of £175

(in exchange for a review from you after the course!)

Launch Bonus: The first 4 lovely people receive a Bonus 30 min 1:1 Review with me worth £75 (to be taken before the end of June!) 

VIP Package: A spot on the course plus a 1:1 90 min Deep Dive 1:1 for £300. Drop me an email to grab your place!