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online yoga classes

FUN, JOYful, CONFIDENCe building yoga classes from the comfort of your home

Not local​? No in person classes to suit your schedule? 

No problem! Online classes are perfect for you. 

The same signature Pride Yoga ethos - accessible, inclusive feel good classes for you to join from home. 

There's a range of ways to join from home; live online classes or even the Pride Pack Virtual Studio.

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how live online classes work

I totally understand trying something new like taking a yoga class online can be a bit intimidating, so here's a short guide to how it works. 

I've invested in the best equipment on the market to create a great online experience for my students... so much so, I've written a book about it teaching other yoga teachers how to excel online! 

  • Classes are held on Google Meet - you don't need any software on a PC/Laptop/Mac to use this. Download the app if you're joining on a tablet or phone. 

  • Book yourself into class

  • I send you a link around an hour before class, along with some optional music and prop suggestions.

  • Set up your mat and computer, checking that you're visible - it's also totally okay to have your camera off if you'd prefer.

  • Click the link and you're in!

  • Pin me to the centre of your screen - all students do this so you can only see and hear me, and not anyone else in the class. 

  • Arrive 5-10 mins early if you fancy a chat or want to ask any questions - I always do this to replicate the experience of coming to class as closely as possible. 

tips to get the most from your online classes

Coming to an online class is a little different to practicing in a studio or community space. You're at home, where your life is (and distractions, like that pile of washing over there...) 

Over the years, I've developed a bunch of tips to help you get the most out of your class. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Designate a space in your home for practice and keep your equipment there - it could be a room or at the end of your bed.

  • Keep that space as clear and clutter-free as possible, and if you need to pop things outside the room before you practice, make that part of your ritual.  

  • Make a ritual of it - light some candles, use a Room Mist, put some music on before whilst you set up. This simulates arriving into your space like when you come to an in person class.

  • Boundaries are your friend. Let the people you live with know you're practicing for an hour and you're not to be disturbed, shut any pets out of the room, put a note on your door for the postie. 

  • Embrace the distractions - noise of cars, neighbours, people moving around in other parts of the house can't be erased; our practice isn't perfect. That can be a lovely point of focus, noticing those sounds as they ebb and flow.

  • Wear something really comfy - it's not a fashion show, it's about being happy and supported as you move through your practice...PJs, Joggers and lots of blankets are totally welcome!

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online class reviews

Thanks for organising online classes - I think it works great. It was really easy to log in, and book my spot too. Thumbs up!

Thanks so much for this evening's class. I think it worked very well and really enjoyed it. 

Went down a treat and much needed! Thanks Jade!

I really enjoyed the online class and look forward to the next one!

It's so great being able to practice with Jade again even though I've moved away. I couldn't do that without online classes!

class styles

There's a variety of different classes on the timetable on a weekly basis to choose from. 

Classes are Asana (posture based), and include some breath (pranayama) practices, and some classes include meditation too. 

If you are working with an injury, my usual process is to recommend a 1:1 initially - this is so I can ensure you are comfortable with variations of poses and build your confidence. I can deliver these from my Private Studio, or online for you. 

Yoga 101 classes are Hatha/hatha flow -this just means we move and breathe, come back to a reset posture and continue or link a few postures together and reset.

Stretch & Rest is a relaxing class, with a few floor based poses using cushions and blankets to release deeply into tight muscles, releasing tension both mental and physical. We finish this class each week with a short meditation practice and some breath work.

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Online options

In keeping with the Pride Yoga ethos of flexibility and yoga for everyone, I offer two different ways for you to practice with me online:


Live interactive streamed classes that are on a set schedule. This schedule does change, so check out the Class Timetable for what is coming up.  


Pride Pack is the place to be for on demand practices that you can do on your own schedule. Find out more on the Pride Pack Yoga Membership page.

Full pricing information for all classes and memberships are available here. 

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