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"OMG Jade, you've done what?!"

The above was said to me by a dear colleague of mine in response to me saying I was leaving my motorsport marketing job to go part-time at a classic car club and teach yoga. My reply?

"Well, a few reasons actually..." After a few years spent as an in-brand automotive PR manager, I felt I was stuck in a rut - get on a plane, fly somewhere, land, airport, drive new xyz, dinner, hotel, another drive, airport, fly home. Over and over. Now, I really enjoyed this for years and years, it was (and still is) incredibly exciting, great fun and an utter privilege.


To rectify the rut; I changed into motorsport marketing... and have still had a hefty itch that hadn't been scratched.

For me though, my life outside work has completely changed over the past couple of years, versus when I started out in the automotive industry.

My perspective has shifted hugely and my home life has taken on more importance - I got married in March to the most awesome guy I know, I've recently bought a cottage in rural Oxfordshire, and we're expecting the arrival of a little puppy in the Autumn. I'm no longer the only consideration; my husband and family are.

I was dreaming about training as a Yoga teacher, which is a love I'm well known for across the industry and something I am incredibly passionate about (you know this because you're reading this on my Yoga website!)

I was feeling my work/life balance was out of kilter - I was travelling extensively, was never home and missing out on seeing family and friends. I'd been kicking myself that I hadn't signed up to do Yoga teacher training in 2017. I wasn't happy with how my life looked. So I decided to be the change I wanted to see, studied super hard and completed my Yoga Teacher Training earlier this year!

Step one is taking on a part-time role in the classic car club arena, still in Marketing & PR. I still love automotive as I always have, I crave some variety and hope that I can really help the Car Club with the knowledge I've gained over the years.

This means I can free up significant time during the week to devote to my teaching; so I can combine both of the things I love.

I have been agonising over this for months and months and it isn't a decision taken lightly. Many conversations with parents, friends, colleagues and my husband going round and around and... this is my decision.

This has been the most scary decision I have ever made in my life. Ever. I hope I can make it work!

With Love,


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