My Yoga Teacher Training Journey

Sometime in 2017, I made the decision that I really fancied training as a Yoga Teacher. I'm still not 100% sure why; but I was curious, wanted to know more about something I dearly loved.

I consider myself really lucky that the core of my practice has always been Hot Yoga and my favourite Hot Yoga Studio, Sweat Studios has it's own training in conjunction with Kathy Ran of The Yoga University. I've been a regular student at Sweat since the studio opened and it is where I first experienced Yoga; I love the ethos of making Yoga accessible and trying to make people as comfortable as possible. So, in Autumn 2017 I applied for Teacher Training and was accepted!

Firstly, this felt like such a profound moment and a real turning point. I remember having my interview with Kathy and the wave of emotion walking out of the studio and I felt like I was making a change for the better.

Ahead of the first session, I was really excited to get started but also a little anxious - who would I be training with? What are they like? Would we get on? Would I enjoy the course as much as I hoped?

I am so, so lucky to say that the 11 ladies I met on my Teacher Training are now some of my closest friends. I have never experienced anything like it. They're all totally my kind of people; thoughtful, kind, smart, funny, cheerleaders, supportive, beautiful and strong. If someone didn't fancy doing something, that was totally okay. Someone having a meltdown over work, they were all there. We all chat constantly on our group WhatsApp, go out for dinner and go to each others classes. Truly friends for life, and I'd have never got to know them if it wasn't for Teacher Training.

In terms of the course, the schedule was pretty much every other weekend Friday night, Saturday and all day Sunday. This is a huge commitment when you have a full time job, learning all the dialogue, writing papers, doing homework, practice teaching and physical practice. I was constantly exhausted; but I was totally aware what I was getting myself in for because I really wanted to do it and give it my all.

Your first 200hr course really feels like learning to pass your driving test; there is so much content covered and so many areas you want to explore and learn about once you've been introduced. The beautiful thing about Yoga is it is a lifelong journey of learning.

It's not just physically getting people into and out of poses; there is so much more to learning to be a teacher. We covered Pranayama (Breathing), Anatomy & Physiology, History of Yoga, Philosophy, First Aid, Sequencing, Adjustments and Modifications, Chakras, Mudras plus lots about different schools of Yoga such as Ashtanga, Anusara and of course the different challenges teaching in a heated environment brings... the list goes on!

One of my favourite elements was exploring Anatomy and how that is applied in Yoga. This proved to be the source of one of my burning areas of interest... why different bodies look different in the same pose. I'm still utterly fascinated by this. Every one of the ladies looked quite different in the same pose due to knock knees, tight lower backs, tight hip flexors but all doing the same pose; just their version. I'm definitely up for taking further training on Anatomy in Yoga.