Private Yoga Tuition: What it is and why you should give it a go

Group classes for yoga are totally wonderful. It is the core of what I offer at Pride Yoga; an inclusive, fun environment for all my students to come and practice with detailed instruction and dialogue, with the unrivalled energy that only sharing a class with like-minded people can deliver.

Here's me, enjoying a group class with my friends

Everyone is in class for a different reason; but sometimes group classes aren't for every student. Maybe there is an old injury, or a specific goal the student has.

As a Teacher, I sometimes recommend Private Tuition for students who I feel would benefit from dedicated attention or I’m approached by a student.

Private Tuition is an investment financially, but the gains can be huge. I think it is a similar approach to working with a Sports Masseuse or a Personal Trainer, getting some expert assistance to get the best results for yourself and increase your knowledge as well as physical condition.

Here’s why I think Private Tuition is a great resource for all students, old or new.

Confidence boosting & myth busting

This is probably one of the most valuable areas where Private Tuitions can help. Addressing misconceptions, boosting confidence, providing reassurance.

Providing a bit of insight into the deeper aspects of Yoga around the purpose, the battle between mind and body, the thoughts and sensations that can and do occur during class.

If I had £1 for every time someone said “I can’t do yoga, I’m not bendy”, “I’m really bad at yoga”, “I’m a guy, I can’t do yoga” or “I couldn’t do any of the poses, it’s too hard” I would be really rich!

Firstly, if you’ve never done Yoga before, chances are there are going to be areas that are tough. Flexibility and balance are key ones. Do you think Lewis Hamilton got in a race car as a child and drove like a F1 World Champion? Absolutely not. The key? Keeping the practice up. Coming once, finding it hard and giving up isn’t going to help you progress. Practice makes perfect.