Balance: Tips & tricks for improving your balance

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

"Jade, my balance is rubbish - I'm wobbling all over" is probably one of the most common things I hear after class when I chat with everyone. ⁠

Balancing is a tricky skill - it takes a lot of practice, repetition and patience. The good news is that with practice and time, balance can be improved!

Here's my top tips: ⁠


Your feet are your foundation of all standing balance poses. So it makes sense to start here!

As a population, we often have very under-developed foot muscles. We wear tight fitting shoes which push our toes together. This means our foot muscles don't develop or switch on, and our inner and outer arches collapse.

This means when we come to class and try to stand on one leg our foot isn't active, leg muscles don't switch on... and we wobble and find it hard to balance.

Essentially, we've lost the ability to activate our feet and access the stability that having active feet gives us.

Activating your feet

  • Make sure the feet are planted firmly - lift all the toes, spread 'em wide, drop 'em down. One... by one. ⁠

  • Press down through the knuckle behind the big toe, baby toe and back of the heel. ⁠

  • Sounds mad (but trust me here!) - press your foot into the mat a bit like you were trying to balance on something slippy. ⁠<