Beginners Guide: Fantastic Yoga Leggings

"Jade... where do you get your leggings from?" is one of my most frequent questions in class... given the amount of pairs I get through in any given week, they are one of the most important bits in my kit. Aside from a mat, your sports gear is indespensible.

And there's nothing more frustrating that buying a pair, then getting to class in them and just getting really annoyed because they do nothing but fall down or dig in.

Here's my guide to getting great leggings that look, and feel fantastic.

Guys.... I've not forgotten about you either - scroll to the end :)

What to look for when shopping

High waistband

A high waistband sits roughly around the belly button with a really deep band to the top of the hips.

A standard waistband is probably about an inch deep, but personally I find these really irritating because they roll down and move when I practice.


I always go for a form of Lycra and sweat wicking leggings. I practice a lot of hot yoga and cotton leggings just don't work - they end up with sweat patches in undesirable places, get heavy and pull out of shape. Just no.