Garden Yoga 101: Why, processes & procedures

Now the restrictions have eased, I am able to put on a schedule of small, in person classes on a private/scheduled basis outdoors.

Obviously, the weather is the main factor in being able to run these classes, so I've put a little process in place for scheduled classes, as well as the location choice and measures I've put in place.

Garden Yoga 101 will be taking place in addition to the published online schedule, to offer maximum flexibility for everyone.

Why Garden over a park? & Infection control measures

I've chosen to offer my Garden as a practice space for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I realise being in a public space doing yoga can be quite off-putting for many people - feeling observed, or self conscious can happen in locations like this, and that isn't what I want for any of you. Just because I'm comfortable with practicing in public doesn't mean any of you will be - so I don't want to offer an option that has the potential for causing discomfort.

Secondly, my Garden is private, with private access straight to the garden. It isn't overlooked or in public meaning you can relax and enjoy your practice. I also know exactly who has been here, I can and will be sanitising the gate before and after each class and will be able to provide some hand sanitiser for your use on arrival. All of this minimises risk, stress and anxiety for everyone involved. It's a location purely under my control.

The final reason is, we don't know how long these restrictions are going to be ongoing. As I hire community spaces, I am at their discretion to open and even when restrictions are lifted, they may not choose to open.

By offering up my outdoor space to you, it means you can get back into your practice without having the complications of trying to practice at home and the same experience as any of my regular classes.

  • In Blackthorn - close to you all.

  • It's private and not overlooked - no stress about practicing in a public space. It's just us.

  • Private parking space available for 1 car & on street parking readily available

  • Private access to garden via rear path - no one has access to this aside from my household.

  • Garden gate will be sanitised before & after each class plus hand sanitiser will be available.

Difference between Scheduled & Private Classes

Scheduled classes will be open to all existing students to book via the booking system and will be priced as per any regular scheduled class. I've restricted this to existing students due to the limited capacity in sessions and so I can give back in a time where many of you haven't been able to practice as you would normally.

Private classes can be arranged either on a 1:1 or a small group basis and will not be offered via the booking system - you would drop me an email to arrange something to suit you. For these I am happy to come to you if you have sufficient space. This option is open to all.

The good thing about the private option is you can tailor what you'd like to do, length of class, style of yoga. The price varies depending on these factors; so get in touch to discuss but the fees and information is all available here.

Scheduled Classes Process

1) Classes will be added to the booking system for the following week on a Friday lunchtime (around 13:00, I'll announce on Facebook & Instagram stories so follow if you don't already!). The schedule will vary each week (weather and feedback depending!) I will aim to keep regular times & dates as much as possible.

2) 5 spaces will be available for each class.

3) If spaces are available; you'll be able to book into class via the system. If you are only happy practicing in person - please select the Pay As You Go option (£.8.50). If you are happy to practice online as well, class pass options will be available to purchase and you can use class pass credits to book in too. If you need a hand with this please let me know.

Please pay promptly if you need to do so - I will be enforcing Terms & Conditions and cancelling unpaid places if there is a waiting list in place.

4) If class is full you'll be able to join the waiting list. You'll automatically be offered a space in class if another student cancels out.

  • All students will be asked to agree to revised terms & conditions specific to Garden Classes, outlining the additional measures and processes. This form will be included in the booking process via a download for your review.

  • If you are having any symptoms of COVID-19; please let me know and do not attend class.

  • Students will need to provide their own equipment.

  • Arrivals will be permitted from 10 minutes prior to class.

  • On arrival to the Garden, students will be designated a socially distanced position to set up their equipment.

  • After class, students will be dismissed individually, leaving a minute between each departure.

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