How to: Get started with a home yoga practice

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Given studios and community places are shut currently, we don't have any other choice to take our practice into our homes.

This brings a whole set of other challenges and a totally different feel to our practice too.

Here's my tips for getting started with a home practice.



You really don't need tons of space to practice at home - a space around 21 sq ft is more than sufficient, that's a few inches longer than a standard mat and about 1.5 times the width of your mat.

The main criteria is you just want a few inches space around your mat so you're not going to bash your feet or arms if you lift them away from your mat.

Ideal spaces are a lounge, study, spare bedroom or even the kitchen.

The ability to shut a door for extra peace is also nice, but not necessary.

Personally, I practice in my lounge at home most of the time, but if the weather is good I often practice in the garden.

Store your equipment in your practice space. It’s all to hand and speeds up you getting ready (read on for my suggestions on equipment!)


If you're used to practicing in a studio with a particular feel, it can be weird to transition to practicing in your own space where your life is. It can be distracting, and hard to focus.