Yoga teachers aren't superhuman... we get hurt too!

As many of you know, I had a slight incident in October last year... I was in a car accident (In Yellow Peril - 3 days after I picked him up :( ) aaaannnddd I ended up with very severe Whiplash, even though the damage looks incredibly superficial. Wonderful!

My sad face, and my sad bumper

Why am I writing a blog about this in June, you may ask? Well, it's taken me this long to feel myself again. Yep, a tiny (little at first glance) inconsequential bump to my shiny yellow bumper has taken 8 months to recover fully from.

We all get injuries. It's part of being human. It's life.

As someone who is hypermobile, our tissues are more flexible. Which is great for some things. Not so great for others... like car accidents!

Here's what I learnt during my recovery.

Your body isn't the same after an injury. And that's a-okay.

I went to see my physiotherapist at my specialist Sports Medicine practice the day after my accident and she said "Jade, do your normal". As a yoga teacher, i'm treated like a sportsperson - my body is my livelihood.

Problem is, my normal is quite strong Flow, with inversions (headstands & arm balances). She said, I've got to do as much as I can and move.

I strongly believe movement is medicine.

Sitting on your arse your whole life never did anyone any favours.

So, I got on my mat, stretched gently, taught verbally, barely demo