Journaling 101: Introduction to journaling

Journaling - the practice of spending a few minutes writing about whatever we're feeling, thinking and the stuff happening in our lives - can be an incredibly powerful tool to add to your arsenal of techniques to look after your mental wellbeing.

The practice is commonly acknowledged as being beneficial for our wellbeing and mental health, especially in individuals with anxiety or depression.

I first discovered Journaling during my yoga teacher training. Our trainer, Kathy, was insistent that we all kept a journal each and every day and it's one of the best gifts I recieved from my training.

I've personally found it incredibly transformative and the impact it has on my day to day life, especially with my anxiety is amazing (I'm in recovery and have been for a number of months) and I notice I'm more anxious when I don't take the time to do it.

Sounds great Jade... but what does that have to do with Yoga?

Journaling is primarily a tool for exploration. A safe space to explore who you are, what you feel, and your thoughts by jotting whatever comes to mind down on paper. This gives you time and space to reflect, and revisit whatever you’ve written over days, weeks, months and years. It essentially allows us to get everything out of our heads (literally) and make everything a little quieter.

That exploration is the link between yoga and journaling. Our yoga mat is a safe space to explore our body and everything in our mind with movement and breath. Sometimes, in a challenging class we find our mind battling our body or we’re drawn to different styles of class when we’re feeling different things.

That common thread is a complementary toolkit of self discovery.

Getting started

Pick your tools