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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Great news!

You can now book all your classes online! This is a really big step forwards with a load of benefits for all of us.

I have selected Bookwhen as the system of choice for it's ease of use and features which support all of the classes and workshops I offer.

I've written a guide below all about how to book your classes and use the system. As always, if you're stuck please ask!


  • Booking class: You can easily see if spaces are available in class and book yourself in - no more email ping pong with me!

  • Managing your classes: You can manage your booking and transfer between classes (within the cancellation window) as well as cancel (outside the window) if you need to.

  • Waitlist facility: For busy classes you can sign up to the waitlist and be notified if a space in class becomes available.

  • Class passes: You can set up new class passes online; and book yourself into your classes all at once. No need to tell me if you want to do a different class on a different day - you just book your classes and you can chop and change days if you've got plans, as long as there is space to do so and your pass is still valid.

  • Reminder email: You'll get a reminder email at 19:00 the day before your class.


There's a couple of basics with the booking system to be aware of. Like any system, there are a set of rules in place to make it function properly and these rules affect how the system is used.

There are three areas of the system that work together: ACCOUNT, CLASS PASSES & SCHEDULE. These three areas all overlap during the process of booking your class.


  • Each person needs to have a unique email address. This unique email address is your ACCOUNT ID.

  • The ACCOUNT is the main area that makes everything happen - it holds your CLASS PASSES, information and holds a record of your bookings in my end of the system.

  • Each ACCOUNT can only book for themselves. e.g. Jade Beckett can only book classes for Jade Beckett. This is for record keeping and due to how the CLASS PASS element of the system operates.

  • If you are wanting to book for yourself and a friend you'll need to book 2 separate spaces, using your individual accounts. You'll either repeat the booking process twice, if you're happy to pass your details on/create an account for your friend, or you and your friend handle your bookings individually.


  • CLASS PASSES are saved on each ACCOUNT

  • The CLASS PASS is the holder for your 3/6 CLASS PASS TICKETS. This means you can book that number of classes for the price of the pass, not at the Pay As You Go default price.

  • If you want to buy a NEW CLASS PASS - the booking needs to have a CLASS PASS from the CLASS PASSES MENU AS WELL AS at least one CLASS PASS TICKET.

  • When you log in to book your classes via SCHEDULE, you can see if you have any classes left on your CLASS PASS or if you need to purchase a new one.

  • You can either book your place in class each week or book the whole of your pass in one go (RECOMMENDED - especially when in person classes recommence.)


  • The SCHEDULE holds the list of all the classes you can book into, whether there is space or not and the available ticket options and prices.

  • To book a space you need to pick a pass using the SELECT button in the TICKET section of particular class you want to attend.


  • Bank Transfer is the only available payment option (If you are a student who has alternative payment arrangements excl. cash, these options remain in place for you.) Once you have booked your class, the details will be available via your booking confirmation email if you don't have them already.

  • Card payments are not a cost effective option at the moment (this would require a blanket price increase across all classes and passes to facilitate) so this is not being offered.


Head to the Book page, and you will see the booking interface:

  • The page shows the SCHEDULE window - classes are listed on the left; detail & ticket options on the right.

  • Top right is the login button (green box) for your account. If it is your first time, you create your account at the end of the booking process then each time you come back afterwards - login first with this button. This speeds up the process as you don't have to enter your details each time.


Tickets is the system term for PASSES (Pay As You Go, Three, Six).

Purple box - this is the option for individual Pay As You Go classes.

Yellow box - this is the option for multi-class passes.

If you are buying a NEW CLASS PASS:

  • Go to the CLASS PASSES MENU (blue box next to schedule/blue box on right side of schedule page inside the yellow box) first and choose your CLASS PASS.

  • Go back to SCHEDULE.

  • Find the class you want to book and press the SELECT button (in yellow box) to book your space in that class.

  • Remember - SCHEDULE deals with the physical spaces in the actual class, and the CLASS PASS is the holder for those tickets. Therefore, you need to have selected a space in the class via SCHEDULE as well as have CLASS PASS in your basket.

  • If you don't add a CLASS PASS from the CLASS PASSES menu, you will be charged the Pay As You Go rate of £8.50.

New Student Offer: You'd select a THREE CLASS PASS from the menu and enter the code (please contact me for this!) at the checkout.

If you have unused classes on an EXISTING CLASS PASS/have a NEW CLASS PASS in your basket: You will be able to SELECT a CLASS PASS TICKET (yellow box) with £0 cost. I recommend you book all your classes at once, so you are able to use them within the expiry period.


  • SCHEDULE: Click the class you want to book on the left hand side.

  • TICKETS: Click SELECT next to pass you want to use from the TICKETS section to add that class to your trolley (making sure you've added a CLASS PASS from the CLASS PASSES MENU if applicable). You can repeat this, picking another class to make multiple bookings if you wish.

  • CHECKOUT: Click the trolley icon (top right next to login) to proceed.

  • CHECK YOUR BOOKING: Check the classes are correct, if you have a CLASS PASS (from CLASS PASS menu) in your basket if applicable with CLASS PASS TICKETS.

  • DISCOUNT CODE TO USE?: If you have a code add this into the box under TOTAL COST OF TICKETS. Click the blue APPLY button.

  • Hit BOOK NOW to enter your details and complete the booking. A booking reference appears and a confirmation is sent to your email address with all the details.



You can transfer or cancel your classes directly from your account. The option you select will depend on whether you are inside or outside the cancellation policy:


  • Allows you to swap to another class taking place within 7 days for no extra cost.

  • This option is available up to 6 hours prior to the start of class.


  • Totally cancels the booking, no classes are refunded to account.

  • This option is available for use at anytime right up to the start of class; but will be the only option available outside the cancellation window (less than 6 hours to the start of class.)

  • Please only use this option if TRANSFER isn't available.

NOTE: If you are no longer able to attend a booked class, please ensure that you TRANSFER (inside the cancellation window) or CANCEL (outside the cancellation window) your booking. If you don't I'll still be expecting you in class and if you do make sure you transfer/cancel your space - it can go to another interested student or the waitlist.

Click VIEW BOOKING in your booking confirmation email and this takes you to your booking.

Scroll down until you see the class and you can see the grey TICKET OPTIONS button. Click it.

Select the CANCEL option (outside the cancellation window) or the TRANSFER (inside the cancellation window) option.

TRANSFER gives you a drop down where you can pick the class you want to move yourself to.

As always: If you aren't sure and need to make changes to any bookings - please get in touch with me and I can show you from my end, or carry out the changes for you.


If you head to SCHEDULE and the class you want to attend is fully booked; you'll see a JOIN WAITING LIST BUTTON.

A form opens and you fill in your name and email address, so that you receive the email notification of a space becoming available. If you leave a phone number this is just for my use and another way I can contact you about the space.

Once you submit, you'll recieve a confirmation email.

If a space does become available, you'll recieve another email with a unique link for you to book the space. If you no longer want the space, you can also remove yourself via this email.

After 30 minutes the system will email the next person on the list, so make sure you're keeping an eye on your emails if you are on the list.

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