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Winter Warmers: Apple & Berry Vegan Gluten Free Crumble

It can be a royal pain in the arse to find recipes that are both vegan and gluten free (never mind trying to eat out!)

Vegan recipes can sometimes have a rep for not tasting as good as the "real" thing - but this recipe of mine tastes fantastic if I do say myself!

Jade's Crumble



200g Gluten Free Plain Flour (or normal!)

100g Vegan Butter or Spread (or regular dairy works fine too)

125g of sugar - in two bowls... I x 75g & 1 x 50g


Gluten Free Oats (or normal!)

* Note... this makes quite a lot of crumble - I like an equal topping to crumble ratio. If you don't reduce the quantity or make 2 crumbles!*

Your fruit - I use 3-4 medium Bramley Apples (choped into chunks) & I had some foraged Blackberries leftover so put these in too. You can also use frozen berries or whatever you've got.


  • Heat your oven up to 180 degrees (fan oven) /Gas Mark 6

  • Make your Crumble topping

  • Pop the flour, & butter into a bowl & rub together until it looks like crumbs.

  • Stir in the 50g bowl of sugar

  • Set aside

  • Peel & chunk your apples - pop them in your dish. If you're adding berries, mix those in to and make sure they are well distributed throughout.

  • Sprinkle the remaining bowl of sugar over the fruit. It wants to be spread evenly & you might have some left over.

  • Sprinkle a generous heap of cinnamon over the sugar.

  • Pop the crumble topping on top of the fruit. I like to pat it down so it goes nice and crunchy.

  • Chuck a handful of oats on top for added crunch & finish with another sprinkle of cinnamon.

  • In the oven for 45-50 mins. It should be pulling away at the edges, a little marking round the edge where the fruit has bubbled up & should sound sizzly!

  • Serve with vegan cream (my choice), Salted Caramel Ice Cream (vegan version or regular), Custard or on it's own.


J x

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