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There's a range of different pricing & ways to enjoy your yoga practice at a range of price points. 

You can choose to come to class in person, online, on demand or choose to pick and mix!

Running costs: Venue hire, website fees, payment processing, software costs, equipment, insurance, music licence, first aid training, union fees.

My time essential to create the classes you attend: planning time, marketing, client enquiries, cleaning time, admin - all the behind the scenes things. I don't just rock up and deliver a class - I put time and thought in to everything I deliver. 

A liveable salary for me: My only income is through Pride Yoga, so you are supporting an independent local business so I can deliver the best yoga classes around for you every day and meet legal obligations like tax and National Insurance. 

Holiday, sick pay & pension for me: As self employed person if I don't work, I don't get paid (even if I'm really sick). SSP isn't sufficient. My fees allow me to set aside money to ensure I'm comfortable and don't need to injure myself or make myself more ill by continuing to teach and mean I'm able to take a break when I need to without stressing about bills. 

Investment in Pride Yoga: reinvestments to make your classes better, required CPD and further training, add more classes on to the timetable add extra features to Pride Pack membership. 

FAIR & TRANSPARENT FEES: AN honest assessment of pay issues in the yoga industry 

This breakdown explains what your class fees cover in a transparent way and educate on the issues around pay facing my industry, so you can make informed choices, even if ultimately you don't choose me as your teacher.


My fees are set inline with guidance from Yoga Teachers Union on what constitutes a living wage for a full time teacher with my level of experience and training, that allows me work in a way where I can be at the top of my game every day.

There are teachers and studios everywhere operating in a way that isn't in the wider interest of the profession (which is very sad), charging or paying incredibly low rates or demanding zero hours contracts. Ask yourself, is this too cheap? If you wouldn't work for that fee then yes, it possibly is. Ask your teacher how they feel about their pay in a studio setting. Take cues from how they answer.

Teaching yoga isn't a 9-5 job, we physically cannot teach 8 classes every day. It's incredibly taxing on our bodies and mentally draining too. Therefore, the income we make per class needs to be sufficient to cover our extensive costs, prep, travel, set-up and marketing time for each class we deliver. Going cheap isn't the way forwards. This compromises the product you get by not getting the right expertise level and mean ultimately, no one in your area can afford to teach yoga anymore because the bottom is pulled out of the market.

It's up to you as a consumer to make an educated decision and evaluate carefully where your money goes and what value you place and see in the transformation we bring to your life. If you love yoga/your yoga teacher, please ensure you support them with fair pay.

If you'd like to read more about the issues around fair pay in the yoga industry please check out this article from the Yoga Teachers Union or please drop me an email and I'll happily chat with you about it. 

your class & membership fees cover:

2021 class fees


Single Class

In Person Class £10                         Online Single Class £8.50

Class Passes

3/6 classes to use over a 3/6 week period

Repurchase each time it runs out

In Person Three Class Pass: £28         Online Three Class Pass: £24 

In Person Six Class Pass: £50            Online Six Class Pass: £45

Pride Pack Lion+ Membership

Six classes (in person or online)

plus access to full on demand content

discounts & 1:1 support

£50 per month automatic payment 

New Student Offer - In Person classes only

Three Classes & Equipment Hire



Held online and in person

Visit the Workshop detail page for price and offers



Affordable and flexible way to practice yoga when and where you want

New classes throughout the month

Access to Class Library​, discounts and 1:1 support depending on tier chosen

Automatic payments - set up and forget about it​

7 day free trial on Cat & Lion tier memberships

Choice of 3 tiers, starting from £10 per month 


Dedicated classes and support tailored to your needs

Time to suit you; different slots available, contact Jade for availability

Delivered at Pride Yoga Private Studio (10 mins outside Bicester)

Prices start at £50 per hour

additional charge for sessions not taking place at Pride Yoga 

additional charge for more than 3 students (2 max. at Private Studio) 


Yoga and meditation classes delivered in person or online

One off or regular options available

Reduced cost packages to Pride Pack online membership available

Prices depend on scope of requirements and project. Example rates:

Online 60 min yoga class: £50 ​

In person 60 min yoga class, Bicester area: £75-£100 depending on numbers & equipment hire

Special projects: Event and longer classes with significant preparation or specific requirements: starting at £120

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