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There's a range of different ways to enjoy your yoga practice at a range of price points for all budgets.

From pocket-friendly memberships for group classes, to big events, the lowdown on what your fees cover and the yoga industry, you'll find it all here. 

there's a number of different ways to enjoy yoga with me:

monthly memberships

These flexible, contract-free monthly memberships offer access to all the ways to enjoy yoga - online or in person classes and on-demand via the Pride Pack Virtual Studio at a discounted price.

There's a range of options available depending on how many classes you want to join, and their format.

single class passes

Does your availability fluctuate throughout the month or is your availability really last minute? 

Single Class Passes are the one for you: You can book yourself into any class up to an hour before it starts.

In Person Classes: £11.50

Online Classes: £10

workshops & retreats

I regularly offer special workshops and retreat events to dive deeper into specific topics or take the opportunity to rest and relax.

Check out the Workshop pages under the classes tab for what's on.

Workshops start at £25. 

1:1/1:2 private classes

Dedicated and bespoke classes to help you feel confident and supported in your yoga journey delivered at my beautiful Private Studio

(10 mins outside Bicester)

£55 per hour - Max. group size is 2 - larger groups fall under events.

events & groups

Bespoke Yoga and meditation classes for one-off events, hen parties, private groups, birthdays or on a regular basis for your business at affordable prices.


Each business, event or group is totally different so I take time to understand what you need and provide a quote for you.

a note on fees & the yoga industry

I’m always transparent by sharing the work involved in putting classes on so you can make informed buying choices that support fair, ethical conditions. If you love practicing yoga/your teacher, please ensure you support them with fair payment for the time and energy they give you. It's an energetic exchange.


Yoga is meant to be a wellbeing-focused modality, yet teachers are frequently taken advantage of by being paid below minimum wage, no job security, dealing with abuse and unsavoury conditions daily.


The income we make per class needs to be sufficient to cover our extensive labour and pay ourselves a liveable wage. Teaching yoga isn't a 9-5 job, it's incredibly taxing on our bodies, is mentally draining too and we need to be at our best to deliver classes to the high standard you expect. 

Picking a cheap class means you could be going to a teacher who isn't properly qualified or insured, plus, this takes work away from other teachers charging fair fees and drives commodification of yoga. Ultimately, you might not have a class near you because no one can afford to teach for so little - which is a harsh reality we are approaching up and down the country.

I'm proud to say my fees are set inline with the market rate for yoga in Oxfordshire for my level of experience, specialism and training. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to drop me an email


Running costs: Venue hire, website fees, payment processing, software costs, equipment, insurance, music licence, first aid training, union fees.

Behind the scenes labour to create the classes you attend: Planning, admin, marketing, client enquiries, cleaning and more! I don't rock up and teach on the fly - I put time and thought in to everything I deliver. 

My Salary: My only income is through Pride Yoga, this is my job - so your fees cover the things your salary covers for you.

Holiday, sick pay, pension & Tax & NI: If I don't work, I don't get paid. SSP isn't sufficient. My fees allow me to set aside money so I can still pay the bills if I'm away, sick and save for when I'm old too.

Investment in Pride Yoga: Reinvestments to make your classes better, required CPD and further training, add more classes on to the timetable add extra features to Pride Pack Virtual Studio.

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monthly memberships

The majority of students at Pride Yoga opt to pay for their yoga with a membership to make budgeting for their yoga easy, as well as having a wide range of options and ways to practice throughout the week and beyond joining a live class. 

Here's how the memberships work:

  • All memberships run on an automatic payment basis - you buy it once, and then you'll be billed on the same date each month until you cancel it. 

  • There's no minimum term - so you can cancel at any point, and retain class credit and Pride Pack access up to your next billing date without being charged (as long as you cancel 24 hours in advance of your billing date) 

  • All you need to do to book yourself into any live classes you want to attend. Log in, head to the booking page and a credit will be deducted from your membership. 

  • If you're on holiday or not around, you can take me with you or even if you want to add a bit more yoga into your life - you can practice outside of scheduled classes with access to the extensive Pride Pack Virtual Studio.

Cat+ Online Classes, Cat+ & Lion+ memberships add access to a set number of live classes, plus extra benefits and start at £33 per month.


    Every month
    • 4 online live classes each month
    • Unlimited access to Cat Tier of Pride Pack Virtual Studio
    • 5% discount off additional single classes
  • CAT+

    Every month
    • 4 live classes of your choice - online &/or in person
    • Unlimited access to Cat Tier of Pride Pack Virtual Studio
    • 5% discount off additional single classes


    Every month
    • 6 live classes of choice each month - online &/or in person
    • Unlimited access to Lion Tier of Pride Pack Virtual Studio
    • 10% Pride Yoga shop discount
    • 10% discount off additional single classes
    • 15 min Mini 1:1 (on request)

Memberships auto renew each month and are automatically charged after 7 day free trial. Refunds are not available under digital download regulations.

businesses, groups & events

Adding yoga to your wellbeing programme isn't as expensive as you might think! Over the years I've worked to deliver yoga events and classes to a number of different businesses and groups on on-off or regular basis including the Ministry of Defence St George's Barracks and St Edwards School, Oxford.

I can deliver:

  • One-off or regular yoga classes in a range of styles, active to chilled - tell me what you want to support, and I'll craft something bespoke.

  • Meditation and mindfulness classes

  • Blended yoga and meditation classes

  • Access to my Pride Pack Virtual Studio as an employee perk

  • Yoga classes for groups like hen parties, birthdays or special occasions. 

Each and every request is totally different so I always provide a quote based on exactly what your needs are. If you have a budget in mind, that's cool too - I can design something to suit for you. 


Here's my example rate card:

1 hour online yoga class: £55

1 hour in person yoga class (Bicester area): Starts at £150 depending on numbers & equipment hire

Special Projects: Events & longer classes with significant preparation, admin or special requirements: Starts at £250

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