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pride pack
virtual yoga studio

Pride Pack offers a flexible and accessible approach to yoga - fun, joyful, confidence-building yoga classes when & wherever you like. 

Jade's on demand pre-recorded classes range from 5 mins up to 60 to suit your lifestyle at a pocket -friendly price with new classes added every week.


You can choose to sign up for on demand access only or include live online or in person classes in your membership for ultimate flexibility.  

what's inside 


  • Accessible, inclusive yoga that feels great

  • Fun and playful practices

  • Short and sweet practices to fit into daily life 

  • Classes for beginners all the way to experienced students wherever you are in your journey

  • Deeper learning through workshops and meditation & live classes as part of your membership


Accessible, fun Asana (posture) practice is at the core of Pride Pack Virtual Studio.

Each month, new classes are uploaded for each membership tier ranging from 30 minutes up to an hour; so your yoga practice is easy to fit in around your life.


You also have access to the Class Library with over 90+ practices already there for you to enjoy immediately.


Meditation doesn't have to be a hard thing to do or take a really long time and it can really enhance your mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Lion & Lion+ members get a brand new meditation or breath work practice each month that is 5-10 mins long.

mini workshops

Movement Breakdown, theory and philosophy mini workshops are here to take your learning to a deeper level.

They answer the "am I doing this right?" question, help you check in on your alignment and take your practice off your mat too. 

Lion & Lion+ members have access to one new mini workshop each month.

who is pride pack virtual studio for?

Pride Pack Virtual Studio is suitable for any yoga practitioner:

  • You lead a busy life and need short and sweet practices to fit in when you have a spare few minutes

  • You want a yoga practice that is accessible and realistic for regular people - without all the gymnastics, pretzel shapes or standing on your head you find on YouTube

  • You want to learn how to move in a way that suits you, and use props so you get the most out of your yoga practice

  • You want to have fun whilst you learn yoga, and not take things too seriously 

  • Want to go beyond the poses and learn a bit more about why certain things work better in your body than others, and some other areas of yoga practice

  • Want to gain confidence in yourself on and off your yoga mat

yoga membership, online yoga classes, on demand yoga, short yoga classes, at home yoga




Pride Pack is absolutely brilliant and so affordable.
Jade's done a great job!


I'm really enjoying the classes - it's lovely to pick up a class when it suits me...


I love it! I don't find myself having to look back at you every 2 seconds, so I can really get into the classes! 


The variety of classes is excellent! It's so great to be able to practice whenever I like. I particular enjoy the Yin practices at the end of a busy day.

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sign me up!

The Pride Pack membership runs through a choice of tiers rather than being a fixed price point membership.

Each tier has its own set of benefits for the price point, so you are able to choose what membership package suits you best.


    Every month
    • 4 online live classes each month
    • Unlimited access to Cat Tier of Pride Pack Virtual Studio
    • 5% discount off additional single classes


    Every month
    • 6 live classes of choice each month - online &/or in person
    • Unlimited access to Lion Tier of Pride Pack Virtual Studio
    • 10% Pride Yoga shop discount
    • 10% discount off additional single classes
    • 15 min Mini 1:1 (on request)
  • All Pride Pack memberships run on a rolling monthly basis from the date of sign up.

  • You're automatically charged each month on your sign up anniversary so you always have access.

  • You are able to join either 4 or 6 live online classes as part of your membership each month. Book these via the Book page.

  • If you've been billed for the month and wish to cancel, you can do so and you will retain your access up to your next billing date. 

  • You are able to cancel at any time in your Members Area. 

  • Once a Membership has been purchased by you, no right of cancellation or refund exists under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 due to the electronic nature of the Pride Pack memberships.

  • For full Terms & Conditions please click here.



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