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this workshop is for you if:

  • Everytime an enquiry lands in your inbox you wonder “what the heck should I charge for this?”

  • You’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to make teaching work for you as a career

  • You find it hard to ask for money and go out of your way to keep your fees as small as possible 

  • Your timetable is packed with low paid classes

  • You feel undervalued and underpaid as a teacher

  • You’re saying yes to classes you don’t want to do because you really need the money

If you're interested in earning more money from your yoga teaching without burning out or teaching more classes - this is the workshop FOR YOU!

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  • You're rested and teaching a manageable schedule instead of tearing around teaching 5+ classes every day of the week for peanuts

  • An enquiry lands in your inbox and you can quickly reply with a quote that is based on what you need to earn, that pays you fairly for your knowledge and expertise

  • You can quickly identify if the pay for classes is acceptable, or not - and turn down the opportunities that will drain you and leave you feeling undervalued

  • You have a great range of offerings that keep students coming back time and time again

  • You're having a brew and biccie whilst you're catching up on Netflix and recurring money is dropping into your bank account 

All of this is possible for you by becoming profit minded; understanding where your time & energy is going, what is & isn't paying & what sets your soul on fire 

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A practical approach to ensuring your yoga business is as profitable as possible - so you can help more people, feel valued, fairly rewarded & keep on teaching!

Here's some of what we'll cover:

  • Money in the yoga industry - a background

  • Your Money Mindset 

  • The basics of profitability

  • Basics of Pricing

  • Setting & sticking to an hourly rate that works for you

  • How to price group classes, workshops & retreats

  • Maximising your billable work through a diverse offering suite

  • Minimising the time you spend on busywork - the unpaid work we have to do to keep the classes on

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