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restorative yoga

A 2 hour immersion into the world of Restorative yoga -the yoga of the nervous system. Deeply relax, rest & nourish your mind & body - (plus tea & cake!)



what is restorative yoga? 

Restorative Yoga is a floor-based, gentle style of practice, with some parallels to Yin Yoga (Stretch & Rest) and in contrast to more dynamic classes like Yoga 101 & Flowing Yoga 101. 

Active movement based classes like Yoga 101 & Flowing Yoga 101 are the yoga of the muscular body, Yin as the Yoga of the connective tissues and joints, Restorative Yoga is the yoga practice heavily involving our nervous system. 

In a Restorative practice we use a lot of props (even more than a Yin practice) and look to create softness and ease in every asana (pose) we practice.


Each asana is aimed to create the right conditions for each practitioner to drop into a restful state using a mix of sensory aids to stimulate a deregulation response in your nervous system - taking you from stressed, fight or flight into a rest and digest state.

Each posture is held for 10-20 minutes (in Yin it's around 3-5 minutes) so we use extra cushions, blankets and chairs to support us. We're doing by not doing - and giving ourselves permission to rest.


Want to find out more about this practice? Check out my blog. 

the benefits

soothes your nervous system

The asana & approach used in Restorative yoga activates your Parasympathetic Nervous System. 

This takes you from a stressed, frazzled fight or flight state to a down regulated low-threat rest or digest state & teaches you techniques you can apply day to day to manage your stress.

cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation

Most of us don't stop or sit still because our society rewards constant doing. 

Rest and relaxation is radical, and needs to be learned - and it improves your sense of wellbeing & productivity too.

let go of deeply held tension

We look at how & where we hold tension, then support ourselves accordingly so we can let that go. developing our self-enquiry skills. 

That can result in less physical tension in our nerves, muscles and also lets us let go of emotional blockages too so we can move forwards.


the details

Arrivals:           10:20 onwards

10:30-12:15:    Practice - Restorative Yoga Workshop

12:15:              Workshop finishes

12:15-12:30:    Tea, coffee & cake, depart

There will be a couple of bits of equipment to bring with you - you'll get an email the day before to let you know what to bring.

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