restorative yoga

A 2 hour workshop diving into Restorative yoga -the yoga of the nervous system - designed to deeply relax and facilitate rest...(plus tea & cake!)

what is restorative yoga? 

Restorative Yoga is a floor-based, gentle style of practice, with some parallels to Yin Yoga (Stretch & Rest) and in contrast to more dynamic classes like Yoga 101 & Flowing Yoga 101. 

If we think of Yoga 101 & Flowing Yoga 101 as the yoga of the muscular body, Yin as the Yoga of the connective tissues and joints, Restorative Yoga is the yoga practice heavily involving our nervous system. 

In a Restorative practice we use a lot of props (even more than a Yin practice) and look to create softness and ease in every asana (pose) we practice. Each asana is aimed to create the right conditions for each practitioner to drop into a restful state.

Each posture is held for 10-20 minutes (in Yin it's around 3-5 minutes) so we use extra cushions, blankets and chairs to support us. We're doing by not doing - and giving ourselves permission to rest. 


what to expect

Arrivals:           10:20 onwards

10:30-12:00:    Practice - 90 minute Restorative Yoga Workshop

12:00:              Workshop finishes

12:00-12:30:    Tea, coffee and cake and departures at leisure