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BOOKING YOUR CLASS (Group classes, 1:1s, Corporate Bookings & Coaching)

  1. All students must book their space in class via the booking system, available at

  2. Bookings via other methods (not limited to but including email, Facebook messenger, Instagram DM, text, call) will not be accepted and you will be redirected to the booking system

  3. Drop in students are not accepted - Drop ins are defined as someone turning up to class without a booking. Space in all classes is limited to ensure quality and adequate space for all students.

  4. 1:1s/Private Tuition/Corporate Bookings are to be booked via email.

  5. Yoga Teacher Business coaching is booked via the links provided post our Consultation.


  1. In the situation that the class you wish to attend is fully booked, a waitlist facility is available on the booking system via the Spaces by Wix App. 

  2. The system will notify you if a space becomes available.


  1. Payment for classes, memberships, workshops/retreats and business coaching is required at the point of booking.

  2. For some Business Coaching plans, payment plans are available and this is clearly stated in the package literature and only available by prior arrangement. 

  3. Cash is not accepted.

  4. A booking confirmation email confirms you have secured your session. 

  5. In some instances, payment is arranged via an invoice.

    1. Invoices are due for payment on the date stated on the invoice.

    2. If payment is not received 48 hours prior to the date and time of the booked service Pride Yoga reserves the right to cancel the service in line with the Class Cancellation Policy. 


  1. All classes start and finish at the advertised time.

  2. Lateness is defined as "arriving at or after the designated class start time".

  3. Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes in advance of the class start time. This is so class can start and finish as advertised, in accordance with class conduct guidelines.  

  4. New students attending their first class are required to arrive 10 minutes in advance of the class start time. This is so the teacher can make you comfortable, chat through anything relevant on Class Registration Forms, and answer any questions.

  5. The doors of all venues will be locked at the start of class for health and safety reasons.

    • If a student arrives to class, and finds the door locked they have missed the start of class.

    • If a student misses the start of class they will not be granted admittance to class.

  6. Late students will not be granted admittance to class.

    • This is for the health and safety of the whole class, including the late student.

    • Lateness will be treated as a late cancellation and will be chargeable.


Cash refunds for purchases of Classes, Workshops, Courses & Events are not available. These events are for set dates and times, and you are not entitled to a refund in accordance with your statutory rights. You will be made aware of this policy prior to purchase by opting in and agreeing to these Terms at point of purchase, and in your confirmation email. 

All clients agree to pay the advertised fee in full when a purchase is made. If you feel your circumstances are exceptional, please email and we can discuss options.

Should you consider that you have grounds to obtain a refund which are not set out above you should email to set out your refund request.

Transfers of credit are available in specific circumstances for certain products:

Classes: When cancellations are made inside the Cancellation Window as outlined below.

Courses, Workshops & Special Events: When places are able to be resold to the Wait List. If no resale is possible a transfer of credit will not be offered. You may opt to gift/resell your space at the same fee to a friend or family member and transfer your booking to them. If this is the option you wish to take, please submit a request along with your friends details and I will arrange to transfer your booking to them.

Please check specific product listing for any restrictions on transfers, and addendums to these general terms.

All students must Reschedule/Cancel their spaces in class if they are no longer able to attend either via their Members Area (Classes) or via email (Courses, Workshops, Special Events, 1:1s) 

Cancellation Windows are defined as:

Scheduled Group Classes: 6 hours prior to the start of class

1:1s: 48 hours prior to appointment start time

Special Classes, Workshops & Courses: Are excluded from this policy in line with your statutory rights

Inside the cancellation window students booked in for Group Classes using a Membership are able to cancel and reschedule their classes freely via the Members Area My Bookings Page, which automatically credits back to Memberships. Students using Pay As You Go passes must elect to reschedule to automatically transfer their booking, also via the Members Area My Bookings Page. Special Classes, Workshops, 1:1s & Courses cannot be cancelled or rescheduled online, and you must do this via email to

Outside the cancellation window students must notify Jade via email of them not being able to attend their booked session and no refund or transfer offer will be made. 

All classes require a minimum number of 3 students to run. 

Pride Yoga reserves to cancel the session at any point but will endeavour to do so with as much notice as is practical and encourages anyone who wishes to attend a class to book as soon as possible. 

Any students booked will be reimbursed directly to their membership to use across the rest of their Month, or will be issued with a Coupon to the value of their class fee to be used within 7 days.


If for any reason Pride Yoga need to cancel a class due to sickness, injury or any other force majeur reason, booked students will be contacted as soon as possible via email and/or phone.

In Force Majeur circumstances, an online class will be added to the schedule to replace any cancelled in person sessions.

Any students booked will be reimbursed directly to their membership to use across the rest of their Month, or will be issued with a Coupon to the value of their class fee to be used within 7 days.

"No Show" is defined as a Student having a booked space in class/a coaching session, and then not attending their booked class.No shows are treated as a late cancellation and no refunds or offers to transfer credit will be made. Students who repeatedly book & no show for class will have further penalties applied. "Repeat No Show" is defined as 2 NO SHOWS in any rolling 3 month period.

At the first No Show, student will recieve an email from Pride Yoga reminding them of the Cancellation & Transfer Policy (outlined above). Should a further No Show occur within 3 months of the first No Show;

  • The Student will only be able to book via Pay As You Go on the day of class for a period of 1 month

  • The Student will not be able to purchase any class passes for a period of 1 month.

  • Any bookings made through the booking system will not be honoured unless they adhere to the two conditions outlined above.

  • Pride Yoga will notify the student that this policy will be applied to them.


membership terms

  1. Memberships refers to the products sold as "Cat+, Cat+ Online Classes, Lion+"

    1. Memberships run on a recurring month basis from date of purchase "Start Date" to the same date the next month "Renewal Date" i.e. Start Date: 10th April - Renewal Date 10th May
    2. Memberships run on an ongoing basis and the fee stipulated in the Membership Description collected until the student cancels their Membership. 
      1. The New Student Offer runs in the same way and is subject to the same terms; with the exception this is a one-off fee and deal that is available once per student.​
    3. Students can cancel their Membership at any point prior to their Renewal Date without notice via their Members Area. 
    4. Each Membership contains a set number of classes to use within that month as outlined and specified in the Membership Description.
      1. All Class Credit within the Membership must be used within the month validity period. 

      2. Classes not used before the Membership Renewal Date expire and are no longer valid for use.Unused Class Credit balances are not rolled over to the new month. (i.e. Use them or lose them! So please book your classes at the start of your month!)

      3. If a student cancels their Membership, all Member Benefits are removed at the end of the Renewal Date.

      4. If a student cancels their Membership, classes booked using Membership Class Credit that take place AFTER their Membership End Date will not be honoured and will be cancelled. In this instance, the student may rebook at the Standard Single Class Rate

      5. If the Member doesn't have sufficient Class Credit for a class due to using all their Class Credit already that month, they will be asked to pay the Standard Single Class Rate for this class, and are eligible to use their Member Discount against this purchase.


    1. When Pride Yoga is on holiday or unable to deliver classes due to sickness, the option to suspend Memberships will be offered to all students. ​

    2. Suspensions mean all access to Member benefits such as booking classes using Class Credit, Free access to Pride Pack Virtual Studio and use of discounts are suspended for the Suspension Period. 

    3. Students will be provided with a date to submit a Suspension Request by, and requested Suspensions will be actioned in line with holiday/sick days.

    4. If a Suspension Request isn't submitted the Suspension will not be actioned - Some Students keep their Memberships running to continue using Member Benefits.

    5. Suspensions are not offered when students are unable to attend class for reasons including but not limited to holiday or personal commitments rendering attendance not possible. In these situations, students are able to attend an alternative class, or attend more than once in a week or plan ahead and cancel memberships prior to renewal and use Single Class Passes to cover their attendance. 

  4. Refunds do not apply. All Membership purchases once made are non refundable, non transferrable to other persons and there is no cash alternative.

  5. Transfers outside of the CLASS CANCELLATION & TRANSFER POLICY do not apply.

  6. 1 Membership is valid for 1 named student and cannot be used by more than one student.

  7. Students must book their own classes via the booking system; selecting the classes they wish to attend as long as spaces are available.

  8. Students may attend classes in any format or frequency across the month; as long as there is space and they have sufficient class credit on their Memberships and this usage doesn't exceed the expiry date of their Membership should they have chosen to cancel their Membership (outlined in 2. HOW MEMBERSHIPS WORK).

  9. If a student cannot attend a booked class they must follow the CLASS CANCELLATION & TRANSFER POLICY outlined above.

  10. If for any reason, a class doesn't run, the policy outlined in CLASS CANCELLATION & TRANSFER will be followed.



Pride Yoga is a supportive, inclusive environment - all students and teachers have the right to a safe space to practice & work in, and abuse of that safe space will not be tolerated. We have some ground rules to ensure everyone gets the most enjoyment out of their classes.


Any students in breach of these guidelines will no longer be welcome in class.

  • Students must treat other students with respect and courtesy - being mindful of those who want silence and quiet, keeping disruption to a minimum, arriving in a timely manner and speaking to other students how they wish to be spoken to themselves. This includes cancelling bookings so others can take your place.

  • Students must treat teachers with respect and courtesy - being respectful of the teacher's knowledge and expertise, refusing adjustments if they are not wanted, arriving in a timely manner and keeping disruption to a minimum, speaking to teachers how they wish to be spoken to themselves .

  • Teachers will always treat students in a professional, respectful manner with courtesy - starting & finishing classes on time, respecting student wishes regarding adjustments, facilitating class and safe space, ensuring class rules are followed and dealing with students in a professional, polite and friendly manner.


I take complaints seriously at Pride Yoga. I pride myself on providing a safe, secure environment for all my student and teacher clients to thrive in and aim to put you at the heart of everything we work on together. 

If you ever need to raise a complaint (or provide feedback - good or bad!) please provide a written account to Jade Beckett via the below details: 

Jade will then investigate your complaint and respond within 5 working days. 

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