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1:1 coaching

for when you need dedicated support taking you from confusion and overwhelm to clarity and confidence in your yoga & wellbeing business

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I'm here to help!

You deserve to get the absolute best impact from your energy and efforts you pour into your yoga business. 

Let's say goodbye to the times of scraping by, and let's start building our own thriving businesses that feel great to own, allow us to help people and support ourselves.

There's always times when you need support to make decisions in your business, rework and refine what you're doing to take things to the next level. 

This is exactly where 1:1 coaching comes in - I'm from the industry, understand it deeply and have the skills and experience to support you on your journey. 

I've spent over 12 award winning years working internationally in marketing & PR in the car industry; selling millions of pounds of F1 tickets, cars and memberships. Now, I use all that knowledge and experience every day in my own yoga business and help other yoga business THRIVE! 


1:1 coaching is all about building your skillset, confidence & know-how as a business owner so you can transform, build, grow and thrive in a business that supports you, and that you love 

I can help you with...


Whether you're a new teacher getting started, or you're shifting away from studios; business basics covers all the essentials to get you off to a flyer.


Things we talk about in this area include:

  • Setting up your own classes

  • Pricing strategy

  • Market Research

  • Developing your income

  • Business Planning

  • Time & Workload management

  • Your legal obligations

marketing & brand strategy, planning & execution

Build a brand that is based on your strong foundations that is consistent and easy for you to use, feels totally aligned and authentic to you… not some yoga cliche that makes you blend into the background. 

Give that yoga brand a glow up and make your choices with confidence!

We'll cover:

  • Your ideal students

  • Designing a brand that connects with them

  • Marketing tactics that work

  • How to build a sustainable marketing plan

  • Ethics of marketing

  • Developing a suite of brand assets that look great and feel authentic


The days of setting up a Zoom account and bunging a link across to your students without any thought are long gone. 

The Online Teaching world is booming - and if you want a piece of the pie, you've got to be strategic about what you're doing and how, and who for... as well as having the tech and systems in place to make it as slick as the big players. 

There's still a place for Indie Teachers here! 

systems & processes

Working smarter, not harder is the name of the game as a yoga teacher.

We need to conserve energy for teaching great classes, so we don't want to spend that precious resource unnecessarily. 

Having systems & processes in place that do the heavy lifting for you is the way forwards:

  • Booking & Payment Systems

  • Email marketing & automated workflows

  • Social media scheduling 

  • Brilliant websites

  • Lead tracking & customer management systems

mentoring & support

Teaching yoga is a really difficult profession - it's painted as a lovely thing to do, which is partially true - but it's also incredibly hard to make a living from teaching, there's lots of hard bits too. 

Having a Mentoring relationship means you've got someone to turn to for advice and support in a formal capacity to support your journey as a teacher.

Mentoring is guided by the Mentee, and is generally a longer term arrangement with ongoing support.

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each session is tailored to you and your needs

Each 1:1 Session with me is totally different; with support, advice, guidance and bespoke resources provided based on your vision, goals and dreams for your business.

Here's some examples:

  • Sarah needed to revise her pricing structure after leaving her full-time job and wasn't sure what package her students would prefer. I prepared a survey for her to send to her students, which she sent and got the feedback she needed to finalise her offering. 

  • Katie was finding it hard to balance her business related tasks, work and home life. We worked together to automate some of her work, carve out time for admin and down time so she felt less stressed and less pressured.

  • Sam was stuck in a comparison trap - seeing all these other yoga teachers with busy classes and lots of engagement on their socials. We worked together to get clear on her Ideal Students, realised they weren't on social media - and developed a marketing strategy to reach them offline. 

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I've been working with Jade for a while and she's just brilliant. So knowledgeable, getting me to question WHY I'm doing what I'm doing and knowing my worth as a teacher. Jade has massively helped me with my confidence, planning, marketing and branding!


Jade's action plans are great to have to remind me what we discussed and how I can move my business forwards.

I'm really excited to be working with Jade!


Thank you for great session, Jade.


I do feel that you’re helping me no end in developing a brand and with your knowledge and expertise, I will be successful in my yoga and wellbeing business. 


deep dive
60 min

A 60 min session to go deeper into your business.


In this session we can work on an area of your choosing, develop strategy and an action plan for you to take away and implement to take your business forwards. 


You'll also get a recording of our call, any bespoke templates or resources you need, and 2 weeks follow-up, check-ins and support. 

Current Availability: Click through for latest availability.


extended support
6 x 60 min + extras

A 3 month coaching package for ongoing support, accountability and learning to transform your business, your mindset and confidence.

6 x 60 min Deep Dive calls over 12 weeks, a 30 min pre-programme planning call, bespoke templates, check-ins and support throughout.

Current Availability: 1 Spots available to start in June 22. Set up a Free Consultation with me to chat about it - payment plans available.