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get bums on mats
workshop series

what's included: 

Get more yoga students and keep even more of the ones you already have through authentic, aligned marketing in this 3-part Workshop Series!



  • You’re looking to make your marketing work harder - landing more students, more regularly and know you’re keeping the ones you’ve got happy too.

  • You find marketing a total headache.

  • Your current strategy is “ahhh I’ve not posted in a bit… probably should”.

  • You've got more different colours, fonts and image styles than you've had hot dinners! 

  • You’re on a budget and want to upskill affordably.


When you book, you get:

  • A recorded workshop with Jade

  • Access to a selection of Jade’s Worksheets & Spreadsheets relevant to each workshop


You’ll come away with:

  • Actionable tips to make the most of your marketing

  • A better understanding of marketing and branding

  • More confidence that you can, and will make it work

BUY your workshops here!

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